Olajide Agunloye is a professor of education administration, curriculum and instruction, Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia, USA. He is the coordinator of the Education Administration program at College of Education in the university. He is a Fulbright Senior Specialist Scholar on global and international education. He has served on various education policy and implementation platforms with national and international education agencies in many parts of the world, including the United Nations Scientific Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at all levels of the educational system

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  • אירוע EDUTECH 2016, שני, 1 בפברואר 2016, 12:15

    Technology is redefining the traditional notion of higher education from the brick-and-mortal-classroom concept of instructional delivery model. It is enhancing the creation of portable instructional environments to meet the needs of learners wherever they are and whenever required, beyond the traditional campus-based notion of teaching and learning. This roundtable strand discusses trends in delivery models, quality of outcomes, and implications for policy development regarding the role of technology in teaching and learning in higher education

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